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Sagittarius-Virgo Love Compatibility

Virgo is an introverted Earth sign, Sag an extroverted hearth sign, however you'll be able to bring out lesser-seen traits in one another. On the surface, you appear as if an odd couple. Prim, preppy Virgo could be a crisply tailored schoolmarm; Sag could be a rumpled hippie in wrinkled jeans and weathered shoulder luggage, additional sort of a grad student throughout finals. Still, you’re each brainy varieties who bond through long, intense conversations. Intellectual Virgo incorporates a keen, organized mind; thoughtful Sagittarius is that the zodiac’s thinker.

Together, you’ll ponder the that means of life and psychoanalyze your mutual friends—behind their backs and to their faces. you'll be able to each be preachy and judgmental, and you’re fascinated by the foibles of human nature. Beyond the speak, you've got totally different lifestyles, and people need adaptation. Virgo’s monkish facet will create Sag feel lonely, and also the Archer’s blunt remarks will hurt the Virgin’s feelings.

Virgo is nice listener, however hesitant to reveal his own soul. This frustrates Sagittarius, who craves additional intimate sharing. Your habits are totally different, too. Virgo issues himself with each niggling detail, irritating the impatient Archer, who thinks in broad strokes. Sagittarius should learn to sweat the tiny stuff a trifle additional. Thank-you notes, birthday cards, flowers, presents—these gestures don’t mean abundant to Sag, however they mean the planet to Virgo. In turn, Sag will teach Virgo the way to have a good time and take risks rather than taking part in it safe.

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