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Libra-Leo Love Compatibility

You’re a reasonably combine, drawn to the other’s beauty and charm. The courtship section has all of your favorite trimmings: large bouquets delivered to your workplace, iPod mixes of your favorite angsty love songs, sonnets galvanized by your affection. Leo and Libra are 2 of the zodiac’s most romantic signs, and you like everything to be pleasant and harmonious on the surface.

The challenge comes when it’s time to urge real. instead of show your unpleasant humanity, you coat problems in saccharine, avoiding touchy topics to stay the happy vibes flowing. However, the unreal sweetness soon leaves a bitter aftertaste, particularly for Leo.

The Lion could be a fireplace sign, with a far a lot of passionate disposition than cooler Air-sign Libra. Leo is pushy, Libra procrastinates, and you'll get caught in an exceedingly dance of anger as a result. When actually upset, the Lion roars. Libra will bellow right back, however he’s a lot of probably to withhold attention, the issue that Leo most craves. Leo’s demands for affection, praise and validation will drain Libra when a moment. Dramatic highs and lows tip Libra’s scales off balance, inciting a passive-aggressive backlash. It starts with locked doors and escalates into web porn or maybe affairs if Leo doesn’t get the hint. you will be at an advantage as friends if you can’t get beyond this impasse.

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