Love Horoscope 2014

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Leo 2014

Hindi Name: Simha
Date of Birth: twenty fourth July to twenty third August
Ruling Planet: Surya (SUN)
Nakshatras: Magha, Poorva Phalguni
Lucky Numbers: three, 9, 1, 2
Lucky Days: Sunday, Wednesday
Lucky Colours: Red, Yellow, Orange

Leo (July 23 – August 22): Leo mates are the people with pride in their heart and philosophy in their pocket. They believe in dealing each situation in their own personalised way. Like lions, they also like to rule over others and be dominative. It is very difficult to read their state of mind.

Overall Predictions for Leo in 2014: This year will be full of vagaries and variations for Leos. Sudden unexpected profits will arrive at your door, predicts Leo Horoscope 2014. Position of Jupiter defines favourable phases for you in business and education front. Outside country tour is also possible.

General Forecast Leo 2014

Detailed Forecasts of Leo for 2014:

  • Health: Health wise, this year is slightly difficult for you. Your own previous actions of ignorance towards health will give the result now. Obesity will become great matter of concern and may affect adversely. This may also lead to generation of new diseas and ailment.

Suggestion - Take your precious time out for work-out and get determined to lose extra kilos. Meditation and yoga can also help to some extent but dietary intake must be taken care of strictly.

  • Education: Academic front will work well this year for Leo Horoscope. You may get success in each line of education and results will be satisfying.

  • Relationships: 2014 is coming with great good-news for singles. You are most likely to find your life partner this year and glide your life ahead happily with the partner . Parents and siblings will be supportive and caring.

  • Business and Career: Business dealings will deliver monetary benefits and will lead to enrichment of the trade in short span of time. Professional aspect seems to be little quivering this year.

 Enlighten yourself with more knowledge and explanation of your coming year by Free Leo 2014 Horoscope.    

Lucky Number: nine
Lucky Colour: Yellow
Lucky Months: might, July & August


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