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Aquarius-Leo Love Compatibility

These opposite signs is volatile match. Leo is that the sign of the self, a born star and showstopper who commands attention wherever he goes. Aquarius rules the zodiac’s eleventh house of teams and society—he’s each the category president and its rabble-rousing radical. You’re competitive spotlight-grabbers who will fight dirty, particularly as you jostle to outdo one another. Case in point: Leo Whitney Houston and Aquarius Bobby Brown.

Their harmful, drug-addled wedding brought Whitney’s singing career to its knees. Yet, Leo may be a hopeless romantic stuffed with haughty pride, standing loyally by a mate, fiddling whereas Rome burns. You each spark every other’s jealousy, Leo by flirting with everybody in sight, Aquarius by treating his bazillion friends like they’re on equal par with Leo (they are).

Leo is needy, demanding constant attention, however cool-headed Aquarius feels smothered by an excessive amount of affection and togetherness. Aquarius can listen patiently to Leo’s dramas, however solely to a degree. Leo should keep a stable of supportive friends accessible, and not flip the link into an exhausting soap opera script. Aquarius can ought to show a trifle a lot of emotion (besides anger) and tenderness, stepping aside to permit Leo’s star to shine.

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