Love Horoscope 2014

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Aquarius 2014

Hindi Name: Kumbha
Date of Birth: twenty first Jan to nineteenth Feb
Ruling Planet: Shani
Nakshatras: Dhanishta, Poorva Bhadrapada, Shatbhisha
Lucky Numbers: three, 6, 9, 12
Lucky Days: Thursday, Saturday, Tuesday
Lucky Colours: lightweight Blue, Pink, gentle Yellow

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18): Aquarians always want to make perfect surrounding around them. They dislike imperfection and spend entire time thinking of the reason and solution. These people are quite interpretative. Their interpretations can be wrong but their decisions are mostly right.

Aquarius General Predictions 2014: Luck and opportunity planet Jupiter is travelling through 4th house of solar family. This is a good mark indeed as it will bring fortune and success in your life. Position of Pluto shows your social interaction level will increase this year and new groups of friends will be formed. You cannot expect much in Education zone however, career prospect is fine. Love and family relationship will be noble.

Defined Aquarius Predictions 2014:

  • Friends and Family: For Aquarius Horoscope 2014, it is foreseen that Aquarians will be involved in family and friends’ function during first quarter. New circle of friends and relatives will be formed and your intellectual basis will change drastically. You will have new point of views and more positive thoughts.

Suggestion – Do not utter words that put up double meanings. Although your intention is right but your practical and straightforward attitude may hurt others. Try not to interfere in other’s matter so deeply. Give out suggestions and advices are fine but avoid talking your past experiences.

  • Education: Students need to be little energetic this year, forecasts Aquarius Horoscope.

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  • Business and Career: Business and career front seems grooming this year. You may get better opportunity in your job. Business expansion will be favourable.
  • Health: Position of Saturn may affect your health mentally and cause irritation for you.

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Lucky Number: fifteen
Lucky Colour: Navy Blue
Lucky Months: October, November and December


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